Lydia’s Bunny

17 May

Our friends, Mike and Maya, just celebrated their little girl’s first birthday.  To show Lydia how excited we are that she’s been around for a year, Chuck and I decided she deserved a snuggly bunny, handmade with love.

I had no pattern, but I drew one out on paper and this is what I came up with…

Looks kinda like a chenille pillow with legs and ears, but it’s very soft and snuggly, which is what all stuffed animals should be.

I struggled with the embroidery on the face…  Embroidering on a fuzzy surface proved difficult, so it turned out a little less neat and symmetrical than I had hoped, but again, as long as the stuffed animal is cuddle-worthy, all’s well!

So, happy first birthday, Lydia!!!  We love you! (even though you don’t remember us well because we’ve been rather absent from your life)  :o)


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