Keeping Busy!

18 Apr

I know I’ve fallen off the blog-wagon as of late, but I’ve been busy – making and doing!

Several months ago I made some fleecy Hokie blankets – I guess I can’t say I made them, but I cut the fabric and sewed on satin trim and then added a little embroidered label.  I made identical blankies for two little girls, so I put their nick-names on each so they wouldn’t get mixed up.

A few weeks ago I got a notion to put something on our bare bathroom walls.  I used some scrapbook paper and my handy-dandy X-acto knife and made some really simple papercut “art” to fill those empty spaces.  Turned out alright…  I like paper cutting, but I need practice and better ideas…I have to keep it simple for now, since my skills are pretty limited.

I accidentally cracked the glass when I was putting it back in the frame, but otherwise, they turned out pretty cute…


One Response to “Keeping Busy!”

  1. Carlin April 19, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    The blankets look absolutely adorable and I love the colors in the paper cuttings.

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