4 Jan

I can’t believe I’ve let half a year pass since I last posted!

Okay, quick recap of the past 6 months of my life:

  • annual trip to VA Beach to visit Mary (Got to catch up with some of my VT UK friends, and got to meet the newest little Goodman!)

  • D.C. staycation with Moma, Betsy, and “the kids”

  • Our first experience participating in the traditional summer trip to Rehoboth Beach with the Dhavales, Parishes, Sean, Laura, and Julie (and two darn-cute kiddies)

  • Opera in the Outfield (Barber of Seville)

  • Birth of the newest Kemp (who Chuck claimed was the first infant he’d seen who was cute straight from the womb) and this little baby blanket.

  • Student teaching!!! (and temporary end of income)
  • Melvin got a new heart!!!  (recovery was a breeze for this guy!)

  • My 29th birthday!  (tick-tock)
  • Thanksgiving! (yum)
  • Finished my graduate program – I’m official!! (thank GOD)
  • 2 feet of snow
  • Christmas! (Got a directional flash for my SLR – thanks, honey!!)
  • New Years!

Aaaaand, here we are.  Up to date!



2 Responses to “Yikes!”

  1. Mike January 4, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    Yay!!! I’d missed your updates!

    That picture of the boardwalk is beautiful! Did you guys get onto the roof of the hotel next to Grotto? I would love this full res (not to mention any other of your beach pics)!

    Also, the blanket is awesome! You are crafty quilt goddess. 😀

  2. Sarah February 6, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    YAY!! Mandy’s back! 🙂 Rehoboth Beach looks gorgeous… I miss vacations in general. 🙂 (You inherited a serger. I’m jealous. I inherit… not sergers…)

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