Baby Birds

22 Jun

This past spring, we noticed a bird’s nest over one of the entryways to the school where I work.  Several of the teachers have been keeping a keen eye on the nest and this past week, it fell from it’s nook and landed on the ground, capsized.  Amazingly enough, the three baby birds were still alive after the traumatic fall.  Someone carefully placed the babies back into their little nest and settled them in a corner of the landscaping where there was some grass covering.  One of the custodians put a little plywood board over the nest to shelter it from the weather.

We worried that the mama bird may not return, since they had been moved, but she did!  Thankfully she’s been feeding them on the ground and continuing her duties as a doting mama.  I took my camera to work last week and grabbed a couple shots of these cuties before they gathered enough strength to wander away from their nest.




If you love animals as much as I do, check out this cool photo set documenting the beginnings of a robin family on Flickr…I was led to this set via Balancing Everything


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