Memorial Day

25 May

Today I’m thankful for this man:

Rachel 013

Rachel 029


I’m thankful he loved my sister so deeply he was willing to take her place in Iraq so she could stay home with their beautiful children.  I’m thankful for his sacrifice.

In some ways it seems so long ago that he came home from Iraq and we laid him to rest.  In other ways, it feels like just yesterday that he was playing with his son and stepson and watching football on the couch with Chuck.

On the day of his funeral, the people of our small hometown lined the streets, saluting our fallen soldier.





It was not the homecoming we had hoped for when we last said goodbye to him after the birth of his daughter in January, but it was an honorable and appropriate acknowledgment of his sacrifice.

I think of Jesse every day and every day I give thanks for who he was and what he gave for my family and for our country.  It is with great love and respect that I remember him today and every day.

Staff Sgt Jesse Adam Ault

February 18, 1980 – April 9, 2008

Staff Sgt. Jesse Adam Ault

KIA, Tunnis Iraq


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