Busy Bee!

26 Apr

What a weekend!  And it’s only halfway over!

I spent all day today at the public library working on a well overdue paper for grad school.  Well, to be fair, I wasn’t there all day (it just felt like it) – I stayed for about 5 hours before I had to use the bathroom…I don’t like public bathroom toilet paper, so that means if I can get home to, y’know, go, I’d rather do that, so I left at 4:30 to get some relief…mental and otherwise.  😉

Then we spent the afternoon with some of Chuck’s friends…we watched Role Models (again)…it’s hilarious.  I laugh out loud just thinking about some of the lines from the movie…none of the funny lines are appropriate to type here, but suffice to say, I’ve watched it twice in the past two weeks and I hardly ever watch movies twice.  SO FUNNY.

Anyway, after everyone left, I had caught a second wind and was rather wired, so I decided to whip up a little crafty business that I’d been meaning to do but hadn’t made the time for.

I had bought this fabric a couple months ago because I’m madly in love with it:


It’s a bold print – large design details and bright colors.  I originally bought it (from Etsy, of course) to make a bag with some coordinating fabric, but when I got it in the mail and saw it live and in living color, I realized the pattern would be lost if I cut it up into small pieces for a small project, so I decided to hold on to it for a while until I could find a way to use it without having to really cut it up.

For Christmas my sister-in-law, Missy, gave me this really cool jewelry armoire that hangs on the wall:



I had never found the right combination of photos to put in it, so for the past four months a collection of photos of a very thin, attractive white family at the beach have been on our wall in our bedroom.  I got an idea to use the pretty Flights of Fancy: Par Avion fabric to create a message board in place of the photo mat. (I’m saving the photo mat to use later, I’ll find a nice frame for it and eventually put some nice pictures in it).

Today I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy some supplies for another project (which is a secret to be revealed later) and I happened to find the perfect ribbon to match the Par Avion fabric.  So, a late night with lots of energy produced a crafty little project.  Now, anyone can make a message board – it doesn’t take rocket science, or even crafty skills.  But, I want to share because I love this fabric so much and I think the little details (ribbon and buttons) made the project look really cute!

First I cut out a large piece of cardboard from an old box (up-cycling?) to fit in the “window” of the armoire.  Then I cut out some batting and fabric to cover the cardboard.  I didn’t go very fancy here, I just used some of Chuck’s duct tape and secured the fabric to the back of the cardboard.



Then I took this really lovely ribbon:


and criss-crossed it over the entire board:



Then I added some adorable flower-shaped buttons in two shades of pink, green, yellow, and purple, using various colors of embroidery floss to attach them. (The buttons help anchor the ribbon to the board.)  I just threaded the floss through the buttons and tied a knot in the back of the cardboard.



Then I re-attached it to the armoire, and voila!


(I took a several pictures of it, but no matter where I stood and how still I was, the photos all came out looking a tad cock-eyed – it also looks a little bit like I used a fish-eye lens,but I didn’t, I swear!  I dunno what causes this phenomenon – the darn thing looked perfectly straight in my viewfinder…so weird!)

Here’s another close-up – you can see how the little buttons bring out the colors in the fabric:


And here it is with some photos:


I’m really pleased with it.  It wasn’t hard to do and it didn’t take any talent or skill, but it’s darn cute, if I say so myself!  I also like having a place to display photos.  We just don’t have any shelf space for picture frames and I’ve had some really cute photos of my niece and nephews that I haven’t been able to enjoy until now!

Tomorrow I must return to the grind and finish my second paper of the weekend.  But the good news is, Monday is my last class for the semester and then I’m free for a whole summer!  WOOT!!!!!


One Response to “Busy Bee!”

  1. Moma April 26, 2009 at 9:53 am #

    Beautiful, lively fabric. So much better than the original mat,very creative and personal now. A lovely wall accent, sentimental with it being chosen by Missy, all the lovely tinkets hidden inside – so many with special memories, this fabric was begging for creativity in being used and now a place to hold more memories on the outside.
    A celebration of a major paper accomplishment to add. I’m thrilled!

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