Scary (but fun!) Kid’s Stuff…

17 Feb


Chuck and I double-dated on Valentine’s Day Eve to see Coraline in 3D.  If you haven’t read the book, I advise the book over the movie (always), but the movie was enjoyable.  The book was written by Neil Gaiman (one of Chuck’s favorite authors). *Interesting fact: Neil Gaiman is also the author of the most recent Newberry Award winner, The Graveyard Book (which I loved even more than Coraline).

I think I find the making of the movie even more interesting than the movie itself.  The company that did the stop animation for Coraline is Laika, an animation studio out of Portland Oregon, and apparently this is their first full-length movie…for that, I applaud them…they did a lovely job.   I, personally, didn’t like some of the facial features of the characters (they were a little more angular than I had imagined in my mind’s eye while reading the book, so of course, I was a little disappointed) but the movie was well done, especially considering it was their first.





What’s also cool is that the people at Laika created 50 secret boxes containing props from the making of the movie and other interesting tidbits and sent them out to bloggers and website owners who, via the Internet, have exhibited an interest in film and the arts.  The boxes are way cool – what an awesome treasure, to have a piece of stop-motion animation in your own collection!  Go here to see all the boxes and links to the lucky recipients’ websites…


I do think that parents who aren’t in the “know” should be warned that the content of both books, Coraline and The Graveyard Book, aren’t appropriate for just any young reader.  Both books are dark, dealing with murder, death, the afterlife, other-worldly demons and haunts…not for children easily scared, I would say.  In the movie theater we did see several groups of particularly young movie-goers leave during the movie and not return – I’m guessing because some little ones were completely freaked out by the other mother…or perhaps because some parents were freaked out by the very luckily-bossomed Miss Forcible, who is on show wearing nothing but a thong and pasties (and bouncing on a diving board, no less).



It’s a dark picture at a bad angle, but you can see what I mean about the bossoms…oh my!

I did read some reviews, seemingly written by stodgy, censor-crazy, conservative types – mothers disgusted and outraged at the indecency of Miss Forcible’s attire, parents who were  worried about the effects of the scary “other mother” and their childrens’ developing fears of the “other side”.  However, I think any responsible parent would have done their research, read the book beforehand and been well-aware that Neil Gaiman is not your average children’s author and this is not your average children’s movie.  So to those outraged parents I shake my head and give you a hardy “tsk, tsk” – nobody to blame but yourselves!

For us grownups, however, a very enjoyable time was had by all.  I recommend the books to everyone and if you are a lover of stop-motion animation or any dark, fantastical stories – this one is for you!


Before Coraline came on, there was an awesome trailer (which I had seen before, but was just reminded of) for the movie 9 (appropriately being released on 09-09-09) which I am super psyched to see…this is EXACTLY my style of story/movie/everything…  I like things a little on the dark side, I love characters who are fantastical with a hint of creepy – and to the very smart people who edited and staged the trailer – bravo for using Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home” – that psyched me up as much as the trailer itself.  Can’t wait for September now!!!


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