Sophie, the doll – Final Stages

2 Feb

Okay, I finished my first doll.  I’m not nearly as pleased with the finished product as I was mid-way through the project.  I need to adjust the pattern I devised (or possibly just purchase the actual pattern from  Everything looked wonderful when I had the individual pieces laid out, but once I stitched it all together, the front and back hair didn’t line up perfectly (and I need things to turn out perfect when I spend a whole week crafting) and the bottom of the body (where I embroidered) is nearly lost when the doll is seated.  But!  I had a lot of fun creating it, I’m proud that I taught myself to embroider, and it still turned out kinda cute, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the process:

pattern-vs-cutoutComparison of the pattern and the fabric cut-out with finished embroidery

embroideryFree-handed embroidery


You can see the machine stitching around the curls is a little wonky.  I was disappointed that I didn’t make the corner successfully, but I didn’t want to rip out the stitches and make a do-over because I was so anxious to get the doll finished.  I didn’t have any difficulty with the chain stitch (the only embroidery stitch I think I’ve mastered) .  The fill-in of the eyes was a little hard – I struggled a little bit creating a round edge.  The left eye is definitely more round than the right eye, but I think for a first try I did alright.  I like her little half-smile and I used a little blush to create some rosy cheeks.

eye-closeupCloseup of embroidered eye

trancy-heart-embroideredCloseup of heart embroidery – I like how the blue makes the heart “pop”

blanket-stitchI used a blanket stitch to affix the shoes to the doll’s feet. I love the flower button accents.

labelIron-on label …right on the dollie’s bum. 🙂

Final product:



My sister said she looks like humpty-dumpty.  I think I agree.  When I re-work the pattern I will build in more seam allowance so the hair doesn’t get cut off quite so much.  The pattern was much cuter than the final doll and I think it’s mainly because there was more hair and the eyes didn’t seem as far apart before she was stitched together.  She’s still cute, but the final look isn’t exactly what I envisioned.

rachel-meets-sophieBut, she was well received by the birthday girl…

kissMy niece is still in the open-mouth kissing phase of babyhood…

standing-upHappy belated 1st Birthday!!!!

P.S. : Totally unrelated to this post – my sister bought this beautiful butterfly mobile for my niece’s bedroom and I think it’s super cool.  Just wanted to share…



One Response to “Sophie, the doll – Final Stages”

  1. teacherbywayoftv February 2, 2009 at 9:27 pm #

    Rachel is so big! I can’t believe how much she has changed! Congrats on the completed doll… oh… and if you would move back down here… the Y also offers a beginners quilting class… I’m just sayin’…

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