RennFest 2008 (aka BoobFest)

25 Sep

A busy week makes for a late post…

Last weekend Chuck and I accompanied two of his friends to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Now, my only preconceived notion of what to expect came from all those episodes of Reno 911 when the Reno Sheriff’s Department gets called out to handle drunken brawls between knights and wenches.

Yeah…it was kinda like that.

This RennFest is exactly what you’d expect…a bunch of really random people who dress up in what they’ve determined to be “Period Dress” (although Chuck repeatedly pointed out that the numerous Jack Sparrow costumes and Roman Warrior getups were less than historically accurate for the supposed 16th Century England theme).  Don’t worry, though, if you didn’t bring your own costume you can rent one as soon as you enter the gate (upon paying your very 21st Century $18 admission fee).  There is the fair share of weirdos…  Exhibit A:

But, if you are the type who can take it all in stride and not be bothered by people who are (extremely, absurdly, unbelievably) different than you, it’s actually a really fun outing.  This specific festival has been around since 1977 and has been rated by the American Business Association as one of the top 100 events in North America.  The Tudor village is set on 25 wooded acres near Annapolis, Maryland, and is really very lovely…there is a lot of attention to detail in the creation of the village, a mixture of permanent buildings set up for performances, shops, and delicious food.  It was right up my and Chuck’s alley because of the assortments of yummy fair-type eats and cool handmade bric-a-brac. It has a nice family atmosphere – lots of parents pushing strollers and little ones running around brandishing wooden swords and twirling in princess costumes.

The one not-so-family-atmosphere-ish feature is the abundance of boobs…seriously.  Every chick wearing a Renaissance style costume had her boobs (large, small, or nonexistent) completely shoved up under her chin in such a gravity-defying way that it begged for a mouth-agape kind of stare.  Un-be-leivable.  I can only imagine everyone had insane amounts of sex in the Renaissance era…even if they didn’t bathe regularly.  Sheesh.  It was a total BoobFest…seriously…I can’t begin to tell you so you will understand what I saw with mine own eyes.

Although this is the kind of place that lends itself to great photography, I was too busy looking around and munching on candied cashews to take any really good shots, but here are a few so-so ones that I did manage to get:


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