Summer Breakdown

4 Aug

No, the title of this post isn’t about my mental state throughout said season… Since I haven’t blogged in four months, there is some catching up to be done, so here’s a breakdown of our summer happenings and a preview for my next few posts:

  • Trip to Philippines to watch Alfred get hitched with a lovely 4-day jaunt in Japan with Steve…
  • New Car! – Woohoo! Never again will I be uninformed of my odometer reading…
  • Philadelphia – Dethklok concert, touristy look at the city
  • Wedding in Dublin – good excuse to spend time with niece and nephews, gives way for adorable pictures begging to be played with in Photoshop
  • Virginia Beach – visiting with Mary Frances, my favorite non-biological family member – also, parasailing!
  • Tangier Island – Chuck’s first visit, my second – good times and delicious cookies a la Sissy
  • Family reunion cruise! Lotsa snorkeling, a good dose of frozen drinks, and quality family time…
  • Moving! Ugh! Again! (But we’re staying put for the next two years…thank GOD)

Coming soon…

  • 2 Skinny Js Concert at the 930 Club
  • Godson Joey turns 5!
  • Jamie weds Maggie, New Jersey style
  • Jim weds Vaughan, aka, Hokie Tech Ed reunion

And for your viewing pleasure…here’s my favorite summer photo. What a beautiful girl – she is Chuck’s new love. When we visit my sister, I don’t get any of Chuck’s attention because these big blue eyes have him captivated until we get in the car to come home… (it’s a little grainy because the ISO was high, but I actually like the effect it gives the photograph)

Niece Rachel

My niece, Rachel

Beware…I can’t find a wordpress theme I like and I don’t know enough CSS yet to write my own or to even hack someone else’s, so be wary of the ever-changing appearance of the blog… In essence, don’t be hatin’.


One Response to “Summer Breakdown”

  1. Suzanne Zick August 4, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    That baby is so cute, she looks like the Gerber Baby!!

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