4 Aug

Okay, so I also have to say, unabashedly, I have been a glutton for all things vampire and werewolf this week.  Since I work in a high school library, I know what the kids are reading and the “Twilight” series has been one hot commodity among the TJ girls.  I had to see what the hooplah was all about, so this week I bought the first two (Twilight and New Moon) in paperback and read them on Monday and Tuesday…then on Thursday I checked out the library copy of the third book (Eclipse) which I finished yesterday when I had some free time.  So, today while at Wal*Mart buying some organization tools, I saw the fourth and final book in the series and was compelled to buy it.

I cracked it for just a quick second when I got home and plan to finish it tomorrow after work.    I’ve never been into the whole “I’m so goth, I wear a black trench coat to accent my pale skin and midnight-plum nail polish” craze, but I really enjoyed this series…partly because it’s a brainless, fluffy read full of makeout scenes and partly because once you start, you get a little involved in the storyline and have to keep reading to find out what happens in the love triangle between a werewolf a vampire and a hormonal teenage girl.  Case in point: when I was paying at the cashier’s station in  Wal*Mart, the 20-something clerk with eight earrings in each ear was suddenly my friend, telling me how she’s only just past the wedding scene, but her roommate “is 600 pages in and absolutely hates Bella and Jacob now”.  Yes, indeed, this is a series that might make you refer to the main characters as if they are part of a reality on our plane of existence.

Although, I will say, I don’t think it’s quite right to compare Stephanie Meyers to J.K. Rowling, as many of the reviewers and critics have done lately…the plot is hardly complex and the character development doesn’t touch the depth of Rowling’s – also, these books, I think, appeal to a largely female audience, whereas the Harry Potter series intrigued boys and girls, children and adults. However, to give credit where it’s due, I understand why teenage girls are nuts over this series – the books are just plain fun.

Happy reading, all!


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